Our Mission

To connect the less fortunate with the resources and services they need to turn their life around, and end poverty altogether.

To make sure everyone has a home, a safe haven to run to.
Many of those experiencing homelessness have access to cellular phones but none to resources such as shelters.
That is where we come in.
We want to give the opportunity for everyone to find their safe haven by pinpointing locations near them.
This will show that there is always a place for you and your loved one nearby.

Our Plan of Self-Destruction

Yes, you heard that right, our objective is to provide a service that is so successful, that our users will eventually no longer need it. As such, we hope that down the line such a service will not be necessary, and all may be able to live in a sustainable manner.

Contact Us

Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions, concerns, or to request an addition to the site.



down the line this may point to a donations page, but for the purposes of this hackathon we will not be accepting donations or adding donation functionality.

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