Attain financial stability.

Just like any goal, getting your finances stable requires the development of good financial habits. Given below are a few important steps you may take to stabilize yourself financially.

Step 1: Open a bank account.

You have the right to open a bank account at a bank or a federally regulated credit union as long as you show proper identification. You can open an account even if you:

  • Do not have a job.
  • Do not have money to put in the account right away have been bankrupt.
To open an account, you usually have to:
  • go in person to a financial institution.
  • provide an acceptable form of identification.
Contact the financial institution to find out if there are other ways to open an account. Financial institutions that operate only online may require that you have an existing account with another financial institution before opening an account for you.
Here are some links to help you open a bank account.

Step 2: Secure a source of income.

If you have any marketable skills, you may want to put them to use. Below is a link from Forbes on how to make money from applying your set of skills.
How to make money from Fiverr.

Most online money transactions will be through PayPal. Once you acquire a bank account, you will be able to create a PayPal account at no cost.(link)

Step 3: Extra source of income through your mobile phone.

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In need of money due to unforeseen circumstances?

If you are in need of extra money, due to an illness, or other emergencies, consider creating a GoFundMe campaign to secure the required funds. Click here to learn more.

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